The Composting Flowerpot


Production and delivery time : 12 weeks

The Composting Flowerpot feeds your plant with your vegetable peels.

Ecological, it is handcrafted in France using natural and sustainable materials. It reduces waste production and raises awareness of the cycle of nature. The compost part works with compost worms (not included).

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Potting soil and plant not included

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The composting flowerpot is a flowerpot connected to a composter that works with compost worms. It is designed to transform plant waste into compost.

With our pot’s ingenious system, plants maintenance is easy and simplified. Less watering and no need for fertilizer! The compost must be harvested occasionally and can be used to enrich the soil of other plants.

The composting flowerpot will be most productive indoors, however it can be placed outdoors (sheltered from the weather).

Don't throw your vegetable peels in the trash anymore! Give them to your worms and your plant.

Weight (empty): approx. 9 kg
Pot - Height 46 cm - Width 30 cm - Depth 33 cm
Tray - 36×46

Our pieces are handcrafted and made from raw materials, and are unique with variations in colour and appearance.

As with any terracotta pot, its colour changes on contact with the clay and the compost. Patterns and marks form naturally over time.

In order to keep its original appearance with time, we apply linseed oil to the surface of the pot. This natural treatment, which is easy to find in shops, can be renewed or not by the user according to his or her wishes.


1 terracotta pot (made in France with Champagne clay)
2 cork caps (Portugal) with gaskets (France)
1 separation grid made of regenerated plastic (France)
1 protection tray (France)
1 user guide of 36 pages (Printed in France)

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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm