Who we are

In the beginning there were four friends. As if that wasn't enough, they decided to join forces to embark on an adventure full of twists and turns that began with the design and then the marketing of a composting flowerpot. A few years after the beginning of this story, they are still friends (it's not easy every day, let's admit it, especially with Louis Jamin). Two in the heap are even married together (what a bunch of lunatics you'll tell us), we'll let you guess which ones. Nevertheless, for the composting flowerpot, no less than four fools were needed in addition to all the others who kindly agreed to accompany them to get it out of the ground and into your homes.

Louis Jamin, management, handling and karaoke

Both an agronomist and a carpenter, he grew up in the Paris region but would have preferred to be born in the Ardèche. His atypical background reveals his need to follow his passions to the limit. Now president of a company of composting flowerpot composters made in France (AKA Les Transfarmers), we are eagerly awaiting the next strings he will add to his bow! Very manual, Louis takes care of fine-tuning each pot, each cap, each membrane, each gasket so that everything fits together perfectly. He also takes care of coordinating everything (while singing).

Aliette Thomazo, communication, clientele and macramé

The last child of a supposedly spoiled sibling of 4, having grown up in the Landes, she wanted to be a nurse, doctor, veterinary surgeon, philosopher and ecologist. Rather manual, not very good at drawing but loving it, she finally chose visual communication. That's good, communication and communicating is important. Her little child's voice that hung Greenpeace posters in her room at the age of 8 wakes up and then she sets foot in the world of responsible consumption and zero waste. And then, it's the revelation with Transfarmers, a project to build, a great subject. It's a good thing because it's shared with her half and two dear friends. At Transfarmers she doesn't just communicate, and that's what's good about it.

Thomas Colin, finance, composting and DIY

Although he grew up under the grey skies of Paris, Thomas, an agricultural engineer, quickly packed his bags to join the sweetness of the south. It is therefore not at all by chance that he chose the INA. His thing is nature! The green, the wide open spaces and the mountains that he walks through. And he takes care about this nature. His first job? The preservation of watercourses... then the large-scale sorting of bio-waste, and finally Transfarmers. For him, Transfarmers is an evidence to everything he has undertaken for the last 10 years. He's meticulous and leaves no detail to chance. A do-it-yourselfer, he always has a trick up his sleeve to fix, repair and find solutions. He also has a teacher's side that suits him perfectly when he talks to you about his composting flowerpots.

Henri Thomazo, operations, production and worms

Passionate about biology and the living world, he grew up in France quite normally. His strict but not overly strict education makes him a polite and hard-working boy who follows prep, school, diploma and a career in the food industry. The idea of the composting flowerpot found with his sweetheart and his friends during a discussion on a corner of a table awakens his buried passions. From then on, no doubt, the project will live and his pathological abnegation will contribute to it.

Romain Cuvellier,

It was only natural that in order to meet the needs of our project, we turned to people close to us. Beyond the sharing of experience that we benefit from, we are enriched every day by these beautiful encounters.

Romain Cuvellier, designer and teacher in Paris he is the designer of the situation. He's the one who gave our pot its pretty shape, pretty but not only! The shape and the materials chosen are themselves actors in the proper functioning of the composting flowerpot!