The Transfarmers project


Contraction of the words "to transform" and "farmer"

A transfarmer is someone who transfarms. 

" It is by transfarming that one becomes a Transfarmer."

To transfarm means changing an action, a habit, an object, an idea... in such a way as to make it beneficial for Nature and for humans in general. 

Ex. "He transfarms everything he touches."

Being a transfarmer means putting one foot (or 2!) in a caring community that wants to offer simple solutions to help everyone (re)connect with nature and preserve it.

To be a transfarmer is to be one of the first users of the composting flowerpot.

Being a transfarmer means working hand in hand with nature to design the future.

Our Story

The starting point was the composting flowerpot we created because it was missing from our daily lives. This project gave rise to the idea that we could do this on a larger scale, and even why not make other objects in the same spirit. That's how the Transfarmers company was born!

Our mission

Propose innovative, eco-designed, responsible solutions with a very specific goal: to live more in harmony with nature. Less high tech, no programmed obsolescence. Objects of simple use that could last a lifetime and more, which would all have in common to be an alternative or a solution to preserve the environment, both in their design and in their use.

For us, the composting flowerpot only makes sense if it is made as locally as possible from environmentally friendly materials. So, with the exception of the corks, all the parts of the composting flowerpot come from France.

The pots are made in Amance, the worms come from Quimper, the tray is made in Bourgogne Franche Comté, the inner membrane in Normandy. The corks come from Portugal and are finished in our workshop. Everything is assembled and then shipped from Montpellier where our offices are located.

Our partners